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“In vitro meat”: growing muscle cells for food

This note deals with "in vitro meat". It sheds light on the project and its origins, people involved, the technical hurdles and research strategies, as well as the stakes of its marketing.

Statistical book 2020 - France May 2021 : Agriculture, forestry, fisheries and food industry

One million people in permanent employment

The labour input from farm holders, partners and permanent or occasional employees was higher in 2010 than in 2000 but family helpers’ input regressed.

Production is concentrated in specialised farms

Over the last ten years, the economic performance of farms has improved. Over the same period, their enlargement and the tendency to specialise has slowed down compared to the ten years previous. However, specialisation is not concentrated in any one geographic area except for dairy and non-soil farming.

Strong geographical identities

Some 85,000 farms cultivate 780,000 hectares of vine for wine production. The wine sector is very specialised. The majority of French wines are geographical indications.

An evaluation of the French experimentation of origin labelling for milk and meat used as ingredients

This note presents the main lessons learned from the evaluation of the experimentation of mandatory origin labelling for milk and meat used as ingredients in processed foods, conducted from January 2017 to December 2018

Actif'Agri: the transformation of employment and activities in farming

This note presents the main lessons from the publication Actif'Agri, published in may 2019. It analyses the recent transformation of employment and activities in french agriculture.

Vertical farms for vegetables

Until recently, vertical farms were an exception in the market, but now this high-tech agricultural sector is rapidly gaining ground in urban centers of Asia, North America and Western Europe. However, their economic viability and agronomic interest, compared to field crops or greenhouses, are far from established. Why, then, do some investors choose to follow this path of...

Statistical book : Agricultural statistics - December 2018

Tableaux, cartes et graphiques présentent les chiffres essentiels sur l’agric ulture, les IAA et la forêt, en France et dans les Dom

MOND’Alim 2030 : the governance and regulation of food system globalization

The globalization of food systems has entered a new phase, one that the MOND’Alim 2030 foresight analysis study led by the Centre for Studies and Strategic Foresight (CEP) has set out to describe. Governance processes are changing swiftly and while multilateral rules continue to structure food systems, it is a framework that is encountering more and more competition. Current...